Personalized Mentorship sessions to Boost Your Skills and achieve Your Goals!

Elevate Your Business with a photography mentor!

investment: starting at $350

We'll jump on a 1 hour zoom call during a time that works best for your schedule! From pricing yourself to creating an elevated client experience, I’m here to help you level up!  

We'll discuss your top 2 photography/business goals and I'll answer any questions you have during our call together.

virtual mentorship




investment: starting at $800

2 Weeks After - we’ll meet again either online or in-person to see how your doing on the goals we set together. Another great opportunity for you to ask more questions or pick my brain about another topic! 

Let’s shoot! Now that we’ve planned everything to the tee, it’s time to put everything into action! We’ll shoot side by side and I’ll be checking your setting frequently to make sure you’re at the right spot. You’ll be able to see how I guide and pose real clients and ask any/all questions you have during our session. After that, we’ll sit together at the beach or over coffee and dissect how the session went and again, you’ll be able to ask anything & everything! I am here to help you elevate your game and take you closer to your goals. I’ll also take your headshot that you can utilize for your social media + website because you need to be seen too!

To kick off, we'll jump on a Zoom call together or grab a cup of coffee together to get to know one another better. I want to know all about your dreams, goals, struggle points, and more! We’ll also begin to plan your very own styled shoot to help you build your portfolio and we’ll be able to work right alongside each other. Don’t worry, I’ll help to find a couple for you, provide location recommendations and plan an epic shoot just for you.

For the creatives ready to get their business on track and unleash their full potential.

1:1 In Person & In Depth Mentorship

She always has given me insightful advice that has helped me prioritize the correct things in my mindset & work to help propel my business forward. Megan is so patient and compassionate and encourages me when I need it. Her professionalism and work ethic are top tier! If you’re looking for a mentor who will always have your back and will help to push you to be the best version of yourself, then look no further, Megan David is the best photography mentor out there!


Megan has been the best mentor that I could have asked for. 

She made me feel comfortable from the very first consultation call; by the time she showed up with her camera, it was like I already knew her! Megan has never stopped showing interest in my journey— and since becoming a professional photographer myself, I’ve witnessed firsthand her commitment to telling the stories of diverse clients through breathtaking images as well as the admiration she’s earned from photographers all over the island.


Megan is your favorite photographer’s favorite photographer.

I’ve been following Megan for a minute, since she started her photography journey and I have to say, watching her excel in this industry and work so dang hard, inspired me and got me going, what is this girl doing that’s working in her favor!? One thing that I’ve always struggled with is pricing, and when I reached out to Megan to kinda pick her brain about all things business, that was one of my main questions. She was so sweet and helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me while she helped me understand what the breakdown costs of running my business REALLY is and helped me feel more confident in my pricing. I cannot thank her enough for being an open book and not gate keeping anything!! 


I’d definitely recommend photographers to reach out to her if you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve been in the game for a bit, because she has some golden nuggets of wisdom to share!!

you set the goals.
 i'll help you get there!

lets do this!